In Novgorod opened a case because of a broken denture disabled employees of traffic police

In Veliky Novgorod opened a criminal case after the use by police of physical force and handcuffs to the driver with a disability. On Monday, February 13, reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee.

“As a result of the use of physical force and special means by police officers the driver of injuries, and also damaged the shoulder prosthesis,” — said in the message.

It is noted that in the framework of the case is planned for the forensic medical examination, inspection of damage to the prosthesis and conducting confrontations.

The investigation established that on 19 January, inspectors of traffic police stopped the car Kia Rio with obvious signs of inconsistency of norms of transmission of the front glass. When a police officer demanded to allow a measurement, the driver was deliberately lower and raise the Windows. After this he was ordered out of the car, and when he refused, he tried to force by applying the handcuffs.

8 February it was reported that the Novgorod regional court has not found violations in the actions of the police, forcibly pulled from the car driver with a disability, who refused to meet their demands. Power remained contested by the plaintiff a fine of 500 rubles. It was noted that the driver told the police about the presence of disability. It was also alleged that after the detection of the prosthesis the use of restraint was discontinued. Arrived on the scene, doctors found no men damage.

In January the driver of a disabled Kirill Maksimenko has published a video of his communication with employees of traffic police who wanted to write me a ticket for tinted glass. The man claimed that police used force broke his expensive prosthetic hand. In fact the incident was initiated investigation verification.