In Luxembourg, two trains collided

In Luxembourg, two trains collided

MOSCOW, 14 Feb — RIA Novosti. Two trains, passenger and freight, collided in Luxembourg; at least six people were injured, the radio station Essential.

According to the radio station, the accident occurred around 09:00 local time (11:00 GMT) in the town of Dudelange.

ACCIDENT / LUXEMBOURG : Collision entre un train de marchandises & un train de voyageurs à Dudelange ce mardi matin, au moins 6 blessés.

— Infos Françaises (@InfosFrancaises) 14 Feb 2017

According to police, six people were lightly wounded. The train stopped, on the scene, sent buses. According to the radio station RTL 5minutes, the movement will be suspended until the end of Tuesday.

2 Collision de trains au Luxembourg le 14/02/2017, près à ZI Riedgen Dudelange. Plusieurs blessés. Secours en cours.

— Olivier (@reiviloog) 14 Feb 2017

According to one of the passengers on the train before the collision of trains was another incident: a car tried to move through the path and created a barrier.

The cause of the accident is currently not installed.