In DND told about Kiev “zombie”, which can only be killed by a bullet in the head

The representative of the operational command of the DND Eduard Baturin said that Ukrainian soldiers pumped potent psychotropic drugs, after which they have a dulled sense of pain and fear, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.


According to Basurin, the drugs are so strong that the soldiers may not immediately understand that he had received a gunshot wound. That is, a badly wounded soldier gets up and tries to go further.


So, in the Donetsk airport, the militia found suspicious bottles belonging to the soldiers of the APU, with the words “Living water”. They also found unknown pills. Later laboratory tests revealed that is a psychotropic substance.


“People under the influence of this money does not fall from the shots. Can the whole clip’s release, and he’s coming for you. And these cases are now noted, the industrial area to the South. In full growth are going to attack. Kill him — he goes. Shooting at him — he falls, gets up, goes again. While in the head not fall or the heart,” — said Basurin.


Later it became known that these drugs act in the human body within ten days. According to Basurin, Kiev therefore requires a ten-day rotation.

Photo: Minsterstvo defence of Ukraine / Facebook