Hugh Jackman again removed the cancer

Hugh Jackman again removed the cancer

The American and Australian actor Hugh Jackman was again removed from the nose basal cell carcinoma — tumor that is considered to be one of the varieties of skin cancer. About the artist reported to Instagram on Tuesday 14 February.

Jackman published postoperative photo and urged his followers to use products to protect from sunlight.

Another basal cell carcinoma. Thanks to frequent body checks and amazing doctors, all is well. Looks worse with the dressing on than off. I swear! #wearsunscreen

Publication from Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on Feb 13 2017 12:42 PST

“Another basal cell carcinoma. Thanks to frequent health checks and the wonderful doctors, it’s okay. Patch looks worse than without it, I swear!”

“Patch looks worse than without it, I swear!” — wrote the actor. He added that thanks to regular checkups and good doctors to its health threatens nothing.

This is the sixth operation Jackman, associated with skin cancer. The previous one took place in February 2016. First basal cell carcinoma, the artist found in 2013, when he, at the urging of his wife decided to remove the wart on your nose. According to the actor, he has to undergo a medical examination every three months.

48-year-old actor starred in such films as “Robot named Chappy”, “Les Miserables,” “the Prestige,” “van Helsing” and also played Wolverine in the film series of the mutants “X-Men”. February 17 will see the premiere of spin-off of “X-Men” — “Logan”. Jackman played the leading role. In the Russian hire movie will be released on March 2.

Basal cell carcinoma a common slow-growing form of skin cancer. The probability of its occurrence increases sharply in those areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to the sun’s rays.