Herpes, influenza and mononucleosis. What can turn to human kisses?

Herpes, influenza and mononucleosis. What can turn to human kisses?

20 seconds-morning mood for the whole day, scientists have proved. And this is not the only benefit that people can get to kissing.

About the benefits and dangers of such simple human pleasures, like cuddling and kissing, hardly anyone thinks. However, they can significantly improve health, and ruin it. Aephi understand how affect the human body hugs and kisses, and when they should know better.

Anti-stress and slimming

The use of kissing is seen in humans, even at the hormonal level. Proven: when people kiss, they in the body, lowers stress hormone levels (cortisol) and increases the level of oxytocin, the hormone of love. All this is due to the fact that during the kiss in the body run certain biochemical processes, which stimulate production of hormones of happiness. According to experts, people who often kiss are especially optimism and cheerfulness, they are quite easy to make their way up the career ladder and achieve personal success. In addition, kissing increase the stress, what works as a natural antidepressant.

A kiss that lasts 20 seconds or greater, enables you to burn calories and improves metabolism.

Scientists have even calculated that a minute of such activity is equal to Jogging 500 meters. And do not need any exhausting diets: only love.

Cosmetologists also note the use of kisses in its field: during this step, the face 39 is activated facial muscles, due to which begins to accelerate blood circulation. And it slows the appearance of wrinkles and becomes a means of preventing premature aging.

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It is believed that kiss is beneficial for lung development and is a kind of respiratory gymnastics. Indeed, during this action the man performs in a minute 60 breaths instead of the usual 20. This allows you to quickly, easily, and enjoy General health and prevent lung.

The perfect solution is a kiss in the prevention of cardiovascular problems. While kissing the heart begins to beat faster, carrying 110 beats per minute, which, of course, pulls and accelerate blood circulation. The result is better blood flow to all tissues and systems of the body, normalizes blood pressure and helps the heart and blood vessels get some exercise.

The lovers kiss often and long are less likely to suffer from dental problems.

Firstly, a massage effect on the gums, prevents such a dangerous disease as periodontal disease. Secondly, kissing after eating help cleanse the teeth from plaque. Because at the time they produced saliva, rich in phosphorus and calcium. This allows to neutralize the acidity in your mouth and to remove plaque. Therefore reliable protection from caries can occur without the use of gum.

Oral immunization and cross-immunization — these terms are quite applicable to kissing. Because each partner has its own set of proteins, minerals, fats and bacteria. When kissing there is an active exchange of all these. Thus, the body recognizes foreign microorganisms for himself and learns to deal with them.

Dangerous wounds and infections

Of course, we must not forget about the harm that can bring the kisses. So, with the exchange of saliva can be transmitted rather serious pathology, such as, for example, acute respiratory and viral infections, including the flu. Many of them deadly, and can lead to serious complications. Therefore, for the period of illness of one of the partners should refrain from kissing.

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In addition, while kissing from person to person gets herpes, syphilis, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. To protect yourself here only if the diagnosis of the partner is known. If not, simply should carefully monitor their health, in order to recognize the disease then to be treated will be much easier.

If the mouth has sores wounds of the mucous membrane, scratches on the tongue, etc. — increases the risk of Contracting HIV, hepatitis C and many other serious infectious bacterial pathologies. The risk, of course, not particularly large, but it is.

It is important to remember that infectious mononucleosis which is a disease when the increase in the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, etc., even called the kissing disease. Antibodies to it have 80% of adults. Therefore, its presence you just know.

Among the recent discoveries is the fact that a kiss can transmit the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is often the cause of developing ulcers.

For men the dangers of a kiss is shown, if a woman uses lipstick.

Indeed, in some brands, even those that are considered popular, it is lead. And if he ingested frequently and in large quantities, it may cause problems.

It is useful to cuddle

Embrace is free, but priceless option of psychotherapy. Thus they have no contraindications and they are completely harmless. Experts say that the arms bring many benefits. For example, the moment you stand out endorphins — hormones of happiness. So the man hug, maybe even stop experiencing physical pain.

In addition, the arms increase the stress of the person. Because he feels secure and gets the strength to move on.

A hug can even get in a good mood from another person. Enough to cuddle with someone who is happy, and he immediately transmitted fluids.

The arms should not be underestimated. It is proved that, if the child is under the age of 7 years did not hug or did so very rarely, he grows withdrawn, not able to love, make friends and communicate with people.