Cheboksary accordion-killer will send on compulsory treatment

The inhabitant of Cheboksary accused of murdering 66-year-old man, declared insane. This was reported in the investigation Department of the TFR of the Chuvash Republic on Monday, February 13.

It is judicial-psychiatric examination has established that the offender suffers from a chronic mental disorder and could not control his actions at the time of the murder. Pensioner recognized by the court as dangerous to society, expects compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital with intensive supervision.

According to investigators, on 24 October, 2016 between the 63-year-old man and his companion started arguing. The attacker acutely perceived criticism of his playing the accordion and struck comrade incompatible with life blows with a knife, a crowbar and a sledgehammer, then drank some Valerian and went to sleep.

The body was in the apartment of a pensioner for several days, after which the offender threw a dismembered corpse in a dumpster. The remains of the deceased were found at the crime scene and the dump site. Cheboksary was arrested.