British travel Agency offered the journey on the basis of DNA

British travel Agency offered the journey on the basis of DNA

A London-based startup Travel Unwrapped offers the customers to journey to their roots. For this you need to undergo a DNA test, after which the specialists will develop special tour in that region where lived the ancestors of the tourist.

The project is the brainchild of Rebecca Fielding, previously involved in the protection of human rights. Before becoming a co-founder of the firm, over 10 years traveled all over the world. Fielding calls the trip “a major threat to prejudice,” writes Forbes.

For the development of individual tours it attracts experts from the travel industry and from the world of science and culture, in particular, art historians and archaeologists.

We offer an understanding of global culture, which no other tourist kompaniiakh Fielding

Largely thanks to his family, where he established a medical dynasty, she came to the idea to use a genetic history of customers as the reason for travel. “I wanted to answer the question: “How to organize travel so that it became clear that we, the people, the same diverse as the world around us?””, she says.

Thus was born the company’s flagship product, DNA Unwrapped. Take the test in the laboratory of partner costs $169, and half of the amount will be returned to you, if you decide to book a trip. It is argued that in this lab using the latest technology and unique algorithm that allows you to track your lineage in 80 regions of the world.

You send your vibrancy by mail, and in 10-12 weeks get the results. You will show how your “blood” were distributed in different regions in percentage terms, which of the places on the planet you are kin the most.

With the help of a genealogist can help you trace what cities connected with the history of your family — so you can make the route last of its kind.

Fielding notes that customers are surprised when they learn that their origin is almost always more diverse than they thought. So, she thought I had the Italian and Ukrainian roots, but suddenly found that is also Persian, French, Greek and British origin.

It is like creating a personal world map, which mark places of importance personally for Bareback Fielding