Yarovaya suggested to enter criminal punishment for inducing children to suicide

Yarovaya suggested to enter criminal punishment for inducing children to suicide

Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — IN the state Duma prepared the bill of introduction of criminal liability for inducing a child to suicide, said the Vice-speaker of the lower house Irina Yarovaya at the meeting in the state Duma.

“We propose to establish liability for assisting suicide — advice, instructions, granting of information, instruments or means of committing suicide, or the removal of obstacles for committing suicide, and also for the promise to hide the means or tools of suicide,” — said the Deputy.

Now the criminal code provides for punishment only for incitement to suicide through the humiliation of a person, but if the child is voluntarily driven to suicide, the punishment of the instigator impossible.

It is proposed to expand the existing article of the Criminal code on incitement to suicide.

“We propose to install additional criminal liability not only on the facts of threats of ill-treatment and systematic humiliation of the person that was in the traditional structure, but we propose to introduce responsibility, when incitement to suicide has no material of the finished composition, when incitement to suicide is aimed at a wide range of people,” — said Yarovaya.

She recalled that currently the Internet has a large number of sites, which advocated voluntary death or provided a variety of services for suicide.

It is also proposed to improve the mechanism of informing law enforcement bodies about such sentencing of children to suicide. In the legislation there is still no duty of Roskomnadzor immediately inform the interior Ministry about the detected prohibited content in order for the law enforcement officers were given the qualification of the relevant acts.