The UK called for discussion of the Syrian Constitution in Geneva

In London believe that the Russian draft of a new Syrian Constitution should be discussed in the framework of the Geneva talks. This was stated by the special representative of great Britain on Syria Gareth Bailey in an interview with RIA Novosti.

A British diplomat confirmed that you have read the Russian version of the document. “I believe that the Syrians themselves should decide against him in the course of negotiations in Geneva under the auspices of the UN,” added the special envoy.

January 29, was disclosed the details of the Russian draft of the new Constitution of Syria. In particular, it States that the Syrian state should be based on the principles of democracy, rule of law and equality before him, and the only source of power must be the “multinational and multi-confessional Syrian people”.

On 27 January it was reported that another round of consultations on the Syrian settlement postponed from 8 February to the end of the month.

Three days earlier in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana hosted talks between the delegations of the armed opposition and the Syrian government under the mediation of Russia and Turkey. According to their results, Moscow, Ankara and Tehran announced the establishment of a tripartite mechanism for monitoring observance of the truce in Syria.