The Frenchman has filed a lawsuit against Uber because of his marriage

The Frenchman has filed a lawsuit against Uber because of his marriage

Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU a Frenchman sued the company, the developer of taxi service Uber Technologies due to his marriage.

While the man, whose name was not called, regularly visited lived in the same city lover, reports the BBC.

Everything proceeded without problems until, until a man called Uber the wife’s phone.

He opened the app under your account, and after he came out of him, but because of an error in the program on wife’s phone continued to receive the notification about the travel of her husband.

Since then, the couple has already divorced, but her husband, believing himself a victim of poor work application filed for the producers to court. The amount of the claim, according to the newspaper Figaro, is 45 million euros. “My client was the victim of a bug (error in the application — approx. If),” — said the lawyer of the victim, David-andré Darmon the AFP correspondent after the filing of the complaint in the court of Grasse. — Because of the defect he had problems in his personal life.

The amount of the claim, the lawyer is not confirmed. Bug, because of which the inhabitant of the South of France lost his wife, was addressed in the December update to the Uber app.

Uber is an international technology company that develops mobile services on call car with a personal driver. The company provides services in more than 520 cities in almost 70 countries, including in Russia.