California has issued a mandatory evacuation order because of the risk of destruction of the highest dam USA

In the United States declared urgent evacuation of the population living below the Oroville dam (in Northern California. On Sunday, February 23, according to Reuters. Authorities fear that the damaged as a result of erosion of reserve spillway could collapse in the next hour, which will lead to a flood of uncontrolled flow of water from lake Oroville. To prevent accident, discharge of water is increased to 100 thousand cubic feet (2.8 thousand cubic meters) per minute. The volume of the reservoir is about 4.3 billion cubic meters. In Orville live more than 16,2 thousand people, they were ordered to go in any direction except North, there is a dam. On 11 February after heavy rains the water in the dam started to overflow through the emergency first, and then the main spillway, there is a marked destruction of the past. The lake level substantially increased, after a series of

Investigators prepared to travel to the place of helicopter crash in Altai

In fact a helicopter crash Robinson conducted preliminary examination, the results of which will be made a procedural decision. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the West Siberian SU of transport of the RF IC.   “The investigation team is ready to go to the possible aircraft crash, holds the events directed on establishment of all circumstances of incident”, – stated in the message.   As it became known earlier, the Robinson helicopter, which was carrying five people, crashed, presumably in the area of lake Teletskoye. Photo: ozeroteleckoe / Instagram

USA, Japan and South Korea require urgently convene the UN security Council

USA, Japan and South Korea has demanded urgent convocation of the UN security Council in connection with the next test of a ballistic missile of the DPRK. About it reports AFP referring to the American official at the United Nations.   “The USA together with Japan and South Korea demanded to hold emergency consultations on the launch of DPRK’s ballistic missiles February 12,” — said in the message.   According to Reuters, the UN security Council meeting could be held Monday.   On Sunday 12 February, the DPRK tested a ballistic missile medium-range “Puchiko-2” (“polar star-2” – per). Pyongyang said the tests were successful. Photo:

The NATO military equipment unloaded in a German port

Dozens of helicopters Chinook, Apache and Black Hawk of the US army began unloading in the port of Bremerhaven for the further sending the air fleet of the us military base Illesheim in Bavaria. About this reports Deutsche Welle.   In total, Germany arrived 94 helicopters, as well as several trucks of the tenth combat aviation brigade from Fort Drum.   Part of the equipment 14 Feb will be redirected to the air base of the Alliance in Lithuania, Poland and Romania as part of operation expansion of NATO to the East Atlantic Resolve. Photo:

Died American jazz singer El Jerry

Died American jazz singer El Jerry Moscow. 12 Feb. INTERFAX.RU American jazz singer, seven-time winner of the award “Grammy”, al Jerro, on Sunday died in hospital of Los Angeles in the 77 year of life, according to the official Twitter of the musician. The official cause of death has not yet named, but earlier media reported that the singer was for many years breathing problems and a heart condition. #ALJarreau passed away this morning He was in the hospital, kept , kept comfortable by his wife, son, and a few of his family and friends. — Al Jarreau (@AlJarreau) 12 Feb 2017 Jerro became popular in the mid 70s. the Peculiarity of his manner of performance was brilliant improvisation and aural imitation. Singer became the sole owner of the Grammy awards in three categories — jazz, pop and rhythm and Blues. In 2001 was awarded a star on the

Putin invited Steinmeier to visit Russia at any convenient time

Putin invited Steinmeier to visit Russia at any convenient time MOSCOW, 12 Feb — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin invited the President-elect of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to visit Russia at any convenient time, reports on Sunday press-service of the Kremlin. Former German foreign Minister, social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sunday was elected President of Germany. For the candidacy policy voted 931 person, there was a total of 1 thousand 239 valid votes of members of the Federal Assembly. For election in the first round Steinmeier had to recruit 631 voice. As reported in a press-service of the Kremlin, the Russian President sent to President-elect Germany a congratulatory telegram. “Putin confirmed the interest in continuing a constructive dialogue on topical issues of bilateral and international agenda and invited Steinmeier to visit Russia at a convenient time”, — stated in the message.

In Thailand, the ceremony of enthronement of the new head of the Buddhists

In Thailand, the ceremony of enthronement of the new head of the Buddhists BANGKOK, 12 Feb — RIA Novosti. The ceremony of his accession to the Patriarchal throne of the new head of the Buddhists of Thailand, 89-year-old Supreme Patriarch of the Thai Buddhist Sangha Somdet Phra Maha Monivong was held on Sunday evening in the Temple of the emerald Buddha in Bangkok. The whole ceremony was broadcast live on all Thai television channels. The king of Thailand Maha Wachiralongkon (Tenth Frame), presided over the ceremony. On the accession of a new Supreme Patriarch to the Patriarchal throne was announced by the bells of the Temple of the emerald Buddha and all the bells of the Buddhist temples of Thailand. Somdet Phra Maha Monivong with scientific degrees in theology, history and archaeology, was the 20th Supreme Patriarch of the Buddhist Sangha (Buddhist monastic community throughout the country) since the establishment

Zakharov told about the hardening of diplomatic childhood

Photo: RIA Novosti The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about his childhood in the family of the diplomat. Memories she shared with the National news service (NSN) on Friday, February 10. “As a child, I lived with my parents on a business trip (the father of Maria Zakharova, Vladimir Zakharov worked in the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the years 1971-2014 — approx. “Of the”). It was Beijing, there was not anything of the food that we were used to,” she said. According to her, that the life of children of employees of diplomatic missions is very different from the normal life of children, in particular, they have to repeatedly change schools. “I changed schools three times — training for life remained”, — said Zakharov. Earlier Friday, foreign Ministry spokesman said does not carry out the mission of the sanctions the goods. “I can assure

Governors blamed for a mobilization call

Photo: RIA Novosti The state Duma adopted in the third reading the law according to which governors and heads of municipalities will personally lead the recruiting of the Commission on mobilization. This was reported on the website of the lower house of parliaments on Friday, 10th February. “The bill is developed with a view to assigning personal responsibility for the exercise of powers, functions and duties in the field of mobilization preparation and mobilization, ( … ) the heads of Federal Executive authorities, higher officials of subjects of Russia, heads of municipal formations”, — is spoken in the explanatory note. Amendments to the Federal law on the mobilization of 1997, intended to provide a unified approach to the formation of draft boards. In January, 2016, the member of the faction “United Russia” in legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area Maxim Ivanov suggested to not prohibit an army of men to be

The Kremlin said the source used in the impact HQs in al Bab coordinates

Photo: Reuters In the course of bombing raids, one of which resulted in deaths of the militants near the Syrian town of al-Bab, the Russian VKS relied on the data provided by the Turkish side. About it told the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, on Friday, February 10, the correspondent “reports”. “Unfortunately, our military during air strikes on terrorists guided by the coordinates that were given to us by the Turkish partners and within these coordinates, the Turkish military should not be there,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia. The secret of the Company compare your salary with the cost of the day of the military operation.