Lexus crushed four people at the bus stop in Chelyabinsk: video

The Lexus SUV at high speed crashed into a bus stop near South Ural state University in Chelyabinsk. Injured five people, four of them in serious condition, local media reported.


The accident occurred in the afternoon local time. Online published a video from surveillance cameras. The record shows that Lexus is at great speed tried to pass the intersection on a yellow light at the moment when it turned to Mercedes. Jeep after a collision with a passenger car crashed into a bus stop and taxis, where the people are.


“We just got in the bus, the door closed — and then a strong kick. We got out, and there is the jeep, and girls who beside me stood, on the pavement lie. I still shook all over”, – quotes the edition one of the victims.


The driver of the Lexus was detained.

Video: Orient Express / YouTube