ISIS blew up the Roman theatre in Palmyra: video

The Ministry of defence has published video evidence of the destruction by militants of banned terrorist group ISIL of objects of historical-architectural complex of Ancient Palmyra.


The footage shows that terrorists blasted procenium – Central part of the ancient Roman theatre and the columns of tetrapylon, rectangular building that was built in 270 ad.


“Russian unmanned aerial vehicle in monitoring the city and surrounding area of Palmyra (Tadmor) in Syria recorded the fact of the destruction of the barbaric terrorists of ISIS facade of the Roman amphitheatre and tetrapilon the main sights of the ancient city”, – stated in the message.


It is also reported that on the background of the successful advancement of the Syrian troops to Palmyra Russian unmanned fixed another activation of the movement of trucks of terrorists in the area of the ancient city. This proves the intentions of terrorists to deliver an explosive device to destroy the remaining ancient architectural monuments before the retreat.