California has issued a mandatory evacuation order because of the risk of destruction of the highest dam USA

In the United States declared urgent evacuation of the population living below the Oroville dam (in Northern California. On Sunday, February 23, according to Reuters.

Authorities fear that the damaged as a result of erosion of reserve spillway could collapse in the next hour, which will lead to a flood of uncontrolled flow of water from lake Oroville.

To prevent accident, discharge of water is increased to 100 thousand cubic feet (2.8 thousand cubic meters) per minute. The volume of the reservoir is about 4.3 billion cubic meters.

In Orville live more than 16,2 thousand people, they were ordered to go in any direction except North, there is a dam.

On 11 February after heavy rains the water in the dam started to overflow through the emergency first, and then the main spillway, there is a marked destruction of the past. The lake level substantially increased, after a series of years of drought this winter in the region dropped heavy rainfall.

Oroville dam was built between 1962 and 1968. Hydraulic structure height of 230 meters — the largest in the United States.