Ukrainian writer Sergei Zhadan was allowed to stay in Belarus

Ukrainian writer Sergei Zhadan was allowed to stay in Belarus

Ukrainian writer and poet Serhiy Zhadan was allowed to stay on the territory of Belarus, despite the presence of his name in Russian “black list”.

2015 creative activist denied entry to the territory of Russia with the phrase “for his involvement in terrorist activities”.

In October 2015 the Belarusian Parliament ratified an agreement with Russia on mutual recognition and enforcement of decisions on refusal of entry to the territory of each country. Kazakhstan in this agreement is not involved.

“A healthy sense and a sense of dignity win all that was written of Putin’s manuals”, triumphantly concluded the writer and poet.

Zhadan thanked the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Irina Gerashchenko, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry and personally Minister Pavlo Klimkin for surgery and establish contacts with the Belarusian authorities. A special “thank you” the writer has in store for our Belarusian colleagues “in a clear and open attitude”.

The author arrived in Minsk at the 24th International book fair and poetry festival in memory of Belarusian writer Mikhas Streltsov “Poems on the pavement”, gathered in the Belarusian capital of poets, translators, musicians from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Sweden.

In the night of Saturday, the poet was detained in one of the hotels of Minsk and gave the instruction with the requirement to leave Belarus.

The detention of writer and musician has caused an angry response of many figures of culture: located in Minsk with a concert by the vocalist of the Ukrainian rock band “Vopli Vidopliassova” Oleg Violin called the situation “ugly”, and winner of the Nobel prize for literature Svetlana Aleksievich considered the incident evidence of the loss of the Belarusian authorities advantages.

Serhiy Zhadan is the author of “Voroshilovgrad”, Ukrainian book of the decade version of the award “book of the year”, awarded by the Ukrainian service Bi-bi-si.

Among his most famous works — the novel “Depeche mode” and “Mesopotamia” and the lyrics for “Luk” and “Dogs in space”.