The United States intends to put pressure on China after the rocket launch by the DPRK

In the American administration intend to exert pressure on China after North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards the sea of Japan, reports the Agency Reuters.


It is noted that this tactic is intended to ensure deterrence of the DPRK from China, which, according to the American side, has great influence on Pyongyang, but do not use them properly.


In addition, the White house said it would consider the possibility of response to Korean provocation. As such a response can be the extension of sanctions against the DPRK or expansion of military capabilities in the region.


Earlier it became known that North Korea has conducted a successful missile launch in the direction of the sea of Japan, as it became known from the report of the joint chiefs of staff of the army of South Korea. It is noted that the type of missiles is unknown. She was released from the spaceport North Korean province’s Do at 07.55 local time.

Photo: Jim LoScalzo / dpa / Globallookpress