Syrian troops backed by Russian space forces destroyed 650 militants near El-Baba

Syrian troops backed by the Russian space forces have destroyed more than 650 terrorists of ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in Russia), freeing the town, Tadef on the outskirts of the city of al-Bab, said the Ministry of defence. On Saturday, February 11, RIA Novosti reported.

The Ministry said that due to the release Tadea — the fortified Outpost of fighters near El-Baba, government troops came to the agreed with Turkey the line of demarcation with the Syrian free army. The success of Syrian troops allowed to completely take control of the road to Raqqa, where weapons have been delivered to the gangs of the ISIS in al Bab.

In late January, the defense Ministry announced that the Russian air group in Syria and the Turkish air force aircraft during a joint air operation against the terrorist organization “Islamic state” destroyed three control and communication centers of militants in the area of El-Baba.

Fighting in El-Baba, located northeast of Aleppo, have been under way since December of 2016. Attack on city controlled by militants, are troops of the opposition free Syrian army with the support of the Turkish military.