Security guarantees or a terrible end: Poroshenko took no more than a year

The Ukrainian Chapter is necessary to decide for the year what he wants: to leave with security or wait for the “horrible end”. Such opinion in interview to “the Star” stated the Director of anti-war films Igor Lopatonok.


“With regard to (fate) Poroshenko, the question is how it will go. He will leave, trying to obtain security guarantees, or will stand to the last. But the more he will hold on to power, the more inevitable will be its terrible end. I think that this year is decisive and crucial to this government,” he explained.


“I wouldn’t even call it (the current Cabinet in Kiev) the government, because they do not rule anything. This is the mode. Can be called rougher: clique junta gang – does not matter. Still this mode”, – stated the expert.


Today the level of influence of the Kiev authorities on anything only becomes less sure Lopatonok. “The support of the population he (Poroshenko) is minimal, the Ukrainian society is divided like no other, the war is defensive on the bayonets of the volunteer battalions such as “Azov” and “Dnepr”, i.e. APU are not eager to actively fight”, – said the Director.


The expert added that all ultra-Patriotic slogans now heard exclusively from “Bandera, multiplied and emerged from the underground scum.”


“This is a very narrow base, it’s not. It’s not the people and not the Ukrainians. This is a group layer security officials, people who have tainted blood, and these people have nowhere to retreat, nowhere to run. And in this they are United with a gang that is in power,” concluded Lopatonok.

Photo: Serg Glovny/ Globallookpress