A group of Ukrainian military went missing in Luhansk region

A group of Ukrainian military disappeared in the Luhansk region. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the press officer of tactical group “Mariupol” Dmitry Saltanov. According to him, the soldiers carried out in the South-East of the country fighting task. In particular, they were doing surveillance on the front edge of the Mat positions.   Saltanov stressed that until now the command fails to communicate with them.   Currently In Kiev are doing everything possible to establish contact with the missing soldiers.   By words a press-the officer of tactical group “Mariupol” in the specified square advanced search group. Video: “112 Ukraine” / YouTube Photo: Ministry Of Defense Of Ukraine

Syrian troops backed by Russian space forces destroyed 650 militants near El-Baba

Syrian troops backed by the Russian space forces have destroyed more than 650 terrorists of ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in Russia), freeing the town, Tadef on the outskirts of the city of al-Bab, said the Ministry of defence. On Saturday, February 11, RIA Novosti reported. The Ministry said that due to the release Tadea — the fortified Outpost of fighters near El-Baba, government troops came to the agreed with Turkey the line of demarcation with the Syrian free army. The success of Syrian troops allowed to completely take control of the road to Raqqa, where weapons have been delivered to the gangs of the ISIS in al Bab. In late January, the defense Ministry announced that the Russian air group in Syria and the Turkish air force aircraft during a joint air operation against the terrorist organization “Islamic state” destroyed three control and communication centers of militants in the area

In the Belgian karting center nearly 70 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide

Nearly 70 people were injured from carbon monoxide poisoning in karting centre in Belgium. About it reports on Saturday, 11 February, the newspaper Le Soir. The incident occurred at about 20:00 local time (22:00) GMT in the city of Wavre in the kart centre WiK, the official opening was scheduled for February 14. According to preliminary data, the cause of PE was the failure in the ventilation system. That the air is “unbreathable”, drew the attention of some viewers. The condition of five injured is serious, and 12 as moderate, 50 employees mild poisoning. Victims are sent to various hospitals. Just the time of the incident in the room were about 150 visitors. At the scene working firefighters and rescuers. The Prosecutor’s office of the province of Walloon Brabant launched an investigation which has to establish, whether worked at the kart center, warning system technical faults. January 30, in a

North Korea launched a ballistic missile

Kim Jong-UN monitors the launch of a ballistic missile North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards the sea of Japan. About it reports on Sunday, February 12, the Agency “Yonhap”, citing a statement by the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of South Korea. Rocket of unknown type was launched from the Eastern coast of the province of the airport at 07.55 local time (01.55 GMT). Later, the government of Japan reported that it fell in the sea of Japan, reports TASS. According to the South Korean military, it flew about 500 kilometers. It is assumed that we are talking about ballistic missile “Musudan”, the range of which reaches three thousand kilometers. The DPRK in 2016, has spent more than 20 launches of ballistic missiles and two nuclear tests that violate resolutions of the UN security Council imposed on Pyongyang sanctions. In his new year address to the

Talk about Snowden’s extradition, explained the speculations of US intelligence

Anatoly Cucharadita: Zakharov commented on the message on possible extradition of Snowden USA Anatoly Kucherena, the lawyer of the former CIA and NSA Edward Snowden, said that the lack of grounds for the issuance of its US customer. On Saturday, February 11, reports TASS. “It’s a certain kind of speculation that come from so-called sources of US intelligence. I think that this topic as been in the political arena of the USA, and still is, but runaround on this topic by the American special services periodically vbrasyvaya information”, — explained the lawyer the information about the intention of the Russian authorities to extradite Snowden to the US as a “gift” to President Donald Trump. He recalled that a former intelligence officer has a residence permit in Russia, does not violate the laws of the country, and therefore there is no reason to transfer him to the American side. “Even when

The plane extra villages in Rostov-on-don because of the death of the passenger

The plane, EN route from Moscow to Simferopol, made on Saturday evening, February 11, an emergency landing at the airport of Rostov-on-don because of the death of an elderly passenger. It is reported TASS citing a source in the emergency services of the region. “The plane followed by the flight Domodedovo — Simferopol. During the flight one of the passengers — pensioner — sick. The crew decided to sit down at the nearest airport, which turned out to Rostov-on-don. Until the plane landed, the passenger died”, — told the Agency interlocutor. According to the newspaper Donday.ru the liner was heading from Simferopol to the capital airport Sheremetyevo. An emergency landing in Rostov, the plane made at 19:05 GMT. Arrived on-call doctors stated the death of a 79-year-old woman from cardiac arrest. Upon incident the investigation Department of the Rostov southern investigatory management on transport of Investigatory Committee of Russia began

American sociologists reported the worst since 2008 the attitude of Russians to NATO

The share of Russian citizens, related negatively to NATO, reached its maximum since 2008. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the American Institute of public opinion Gallup. “67 percent of Russians in 2016, compared to 29 percent in 2012, considered NATO a threat, it is the highest rate recorded by Gallup since then, he began to track the Russians’ views on NATO in 2008,” reported the study authors. The share of Russians who see the Alliance as protection amounted to only 3 percent, another 20 percent don’t believe NATO is no threat, no defense. According to Gallup, the highest proportion who consider NATO a threat and in Belarus — 54 percent. The Institute also noted the growing number of those who have a negative attitude towards NATO, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia and Tajikistan. The percentage of Ukrainians considering the Alliance as a threat has

Belarus earned a five-day visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries

Belarus earned a five-day visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries MINSK, 12 Feb — RIA Novosti. A five-day visa-free entry for citizens of 80 countries, including EU member States and the United States, began operating in Belarus. The notorious decree As announced on 9 January a press-service of the Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree that sets visa-free entry via Minsk national airport for a period not exceeding five days for the citizens of 80 countries. The decree, effective February 12, extends to 39 countries of Europe, including the entire European Union, as well as Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Japan and other States. “First and foremost, it is favorable in the migration plan of the country, strategic partners of Belarus and the state to unilaterally establish visa-free regime for Belarusian citizens. The new rules also cover such a category as non-citizens of Latvia and persons without citizenship in Estonia”,

The defense Minister of Britain said about the possibility of isolation of the “capital” of ISIS to spring

The defense Minister of Britain said about the possibility of isolation of the “capital” of ISIS to spring MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon expressed the hope that de-facto capital of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation) the city of raqqa should be isolated by the spring, and then begin his release, Reuters reported. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий In the fall of 2016, “the Democratic forces of Syria” (SDF), which are based on Kurdish, and Arab self-defense units conducting the operation to liberate Raqqa. The attack on the city is from the North-West and North-East directions. In January it was announced about the new phase of the offensive to encircle the city and overlapping traffic reports of the militants. “I hope the isolation will be completed by spring, and then can begin the operation to liberate Raqqa,” said Fallon to journalists

Russian Ambassador: talks about the disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina exaggerated

Russian Ambassador: talks about the disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina exaggerated MOSCOW, February 12./TASS/. Talk about the disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina exaggerated, aim to increase tensions and divert attention from the real issues. This was stated in an interview with TASS, the Russian Ambassador to BiH Petr Ivantsov. He noted that criticism of the Dayton agreement of 1995, BiH has always existed. “Here, I would be called to face up to reality: Bosnia and Herzegovina operates on the basis of existing international legal instrument that contains all of the necessary basic principles, said Ivantsov. We, as one of the guarantors of the peace agreement, support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH, a system of decentralized decision-making, the fundamental rules of equality, compromise and consensus among the constituent peoples”. “In my opinion, talking about the “decay” of big is not only exaggerated, but often are conducted in order to