Night tide swept into the ocean 200 whales in New Zealand

Night tide swept into the ocean about two hundred dolphins, pilot whales, beached on the eve on the shore of the promontory of Farwell in New Zealand. It is reported TASS with reference to the representative of the environmental Ministry of the country of herb Christophers.


According to him, came out of the traps the animals wait in shallow water in Golden Bay and not go in depth.


Arrived at the emergency volunteers trying to help those remaining on the shore of the 17 whales to go into the ocean during the next high tide. Christophers says that this is workers.


We will remind, on the night of February 10, on the shore of the promontory of Farwell, which is located in the North of new Zealand’s South island, jumped 416 grind. A large portion – about 300 individuals were killed on Friday afternoon. A day later, to the same place came a new flock. But at high tide, rescuers were able to bring her to a depth of almost 80 animals. On the same day on the beach in the nearby area jumped another big whales flock composed of 240 animals.


All those days on the Cape Farwell arrived hundreds of volunteers, who hid mammals cloth and poured water to save from the sun.


According to preliminary information, everything that happened on the Cape, Farwell in the last days, has become one of the biggest cases of ashore marine mammals in the entire history of observations in New Zealand.

Video: pakea2 / YouTube

Photo: SiNGLEGADGET / twitter