More than 625 thousand people demanded to publish the tax return of the trump

More than 625 thousand people demanded to publish the tax return of the trump

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Petition to the US President Donald Trump with the requirement to publish a tax return has gained more than 620 thousand signatures with the appearance on the website of the administration for petitions.

Earlier it was reported that a petition to the Trump, published on 20 January, scored in less than a day 100 thousand votes required for a response from the White house. Petition signed for 625 thousand 972 of person, says counting on the website at 22.10 GMT on Saturday. As expected, the official response from the White house should follow the 19 Feb.

The petition is required to publish the full tax return trump with all the details that will determine whether its activity on a post of the head of state conflict of interest. Trump caused controversy during the election campaign, when he refused to report how much to pay taxes, violating a long tradition for presidential candidates of the United States. Trump says that the U.S. internal revenue service conducts an audit of the Declaration, so to publish it before. Trump’s critics suspect that the billionaire businessman had enjoyed numerous tax breaks and loopholes for rich individuals and big business that would allow him to pay virtually no Federal taxes.

For consideration by the White house, the petition needs to collect 100 thousand signatures. While the White house is not obliged to satisfy the petition or even just to answer them.