Isaac’s Cathedral was detained attempted to hold a picket priest

The police detained the priest of the Association of Christian Eucharistic communities Alexandra Khmeleva near St. Isaac’s Cathedral for trying to hold a solitary picket. On Sunday, February 12, said the activist Dinar Idrisov in Facebook.

According to an eyewitness, Khmelev stood with a placard on which was written, “But God is not a man-made living temples (Acts 7:49). The Museum — city”. “Police rushed him shouting “Provocateur!”, after him rushed a crowd of police,” — said Idrissov.

According to “OVD-info”, Khmeleva accused of hindering the conduct of the procession. The activist staged a picket during the procession of supporters of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Khmelev delivered in the first Admiralty the police Department.

10 January 2017, the Governor of St. Petersburg announced the government’s decision to give Isaac’s Cathedral to the gratuitous use of the Church for 49 years.

The Association of Christian Eucharistic communities (Association of Christian Eucharistic Congregations) is part of the Celtic Church in Germany as an independent Church administrative territorial unit.