Have carved themselves: what led the Ukrainian blockade of Donbass

In Ukraine, former participants of the volunteer battalions, ATO veterans and nationalists are trying to organize a blockade of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Radicals block the railway track brake of the train and equip checkpoints. From the scene the correspondent of “Stars”.


The organizers of the blockade call their actions “economic sanctions”, although most of the detainees their cargoes are humanitarian to contain food and medicines for civilians. The participants of the blockade offer people in Donbass just come to terms with that fact, hinting that the enemies are even civilians.


“Local residents we ask you to treat the blockade with understanding. You live in enemy territory. And we all know that never before in history has there been an instance when a country at war would feed their enemies,” said one of the men who organized the blockade.


Such posts are created along the demarcation line. Official Kiev allegedly did not support such measures, however, to contact the armed radicals is not going to. Ukrainian police made uncertain attempts to disperse several checkpoints, but did not succeed.


The blockade of Donbass, members of Parliament semen Semenchenko and Vladimir Parasyuk, openly urge to open fire on those who try to interfere with their activities.


However, civilians in Donetsk claim that significant difficulties with the availability of the products after the beginning of the Ukrainian blockade there. Some outlets had to change suppliers, many Ukrainian goods disappeared from shelves, however, problems with the availability on the markets the locals do not feel as goods from Ukraine quickly found a replacement.


The organizers of the blockade and expand their activities. After reversal of goods from Ukraine to Donbass, they began to turn trains from the Donbass to Ukraine. The main goods exported from the East, coal is required to maintain the heating season in the Ukrainian cities. Apparently, the organizers of the blockade, the question of heating in the homes of ordinary Ukrainians care in the least.