Hamburg airport 50 people were injured due to the leak of an unknown substance

Airport of the German city of Hamburg closed due to a leak of an unknown substance, according to the newspaper Bild on Sunday, February 12. According to the publication, as a result of the incident injured more than 50 people.

The leak, according to preliminary data, the leak occurred in the a / C system. Specialists find out the nature of the substance.

The victims complained of cough, shortness of breath and eye irritation.

Suspended the air traffic was resumed. Firefighters opened the access terminals.

21 October 2016 from London city airport was evacuated by the staff and all passengers. One of the witnesses said that the escalator was sprayed with a substance that provokes people cough.

October 10 passengers of the airport of the city of Bellingham, Washington, was evacuated because of a bomb threat. The decision to take people from the terminal were adopted after a special scanner showed the presence in Luggage of one of passengers of the presence of traces of explosives.