Entered into circulation collector’s mark in the memory after Andrew Charles


RIA Novosti

Collectible stamp issued in memory of the hero of Russia, extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, after of Russia to Turkey Andrei Karlov, released on the day of the diplomatic worker, came into circulation on February 10.

The ceremony, which was held in the building of Mospochtamt, was attended by the widow of the Hero of Russia Marina Charles, CEO of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Vyazalov and General Director of Russian post Dmitry Strashnov.

“The day of the diplomatic worker we are grateful to the Ministry of communications, Post and Hostname who produced the stamps, which for this occasion was able to do a great job, which will remain in our memory. A FDC with cancellation of this brand will be in the Museum of the Russian foreign Ministry,” Vyazalov told reporters.

Commemorative stamp, which is part of a series “heroes of the Russian Federation” issued an edition of 135 thousand copies, will be available in post offices of Russia on February 10. The stamp features a portrait of Andrew Charles, the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and medal “gold Star”.

The brand value of 19 rubles.

After the procedure, cancellation stamp participants honored the memory of Andrew Charles moment of silence.