Association the United States tennis escaped punishment for the anthem of the Third Reich

Player team Germany’s Andrea Petkovic

The international tennis Federation (ITF) will not be punished, the Association of the United States tennis (USTA) for the voiced before quarterfinal match of the Federation Cup between the United States and Germany the national anthem of the Third Reich. This was reported on the website of the ITF.

“USTA apologized and said that this will not happen again. Any sanctions applied will not” — says the statement of the ITF.

Earlier, on 12 February before one of the fights quarterfinal match of the Federation Cup between USA and Germany in Lahaina American voiced version of the German anthem used during the Third Reich. After the incident, the USTA apologized for the incident in his Twitter account.

As the anthem of the Third Reich used the first stanza of “Song of the Germans”, written in 1842 by the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben on the music of Joseph Haydn. Then was performed the anthem of the Nazi party, Horst Wessel. “The song of the Germans” was banned in 1945, but seven years later the third stanza of the song became the anthem of Germany, and after 1990 — United Germany.