Zakharov: in the United States on the exploitation themes “Russian hackers” can earn millions

Maria Zakharova

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented about getting many well-known journalists in the US notification to Google about the attempt of some “hackers, state-supported” in their passwords and mailboxes.

The state itself was not called, however, the Washington newspaper Politico published an article on this topic, let it be understood that under suspicion is first of all Russia.

According to Zakharova, the exploitation of the theme of “Russian hackers” can “earn millions.” “If we in the States start to sell tablets, antivirus and beanies with antennas with the caption “the cure for the Russian hackers”, the proceeds will be enough for three generations to come,” he wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.