When leaving the puppeteer, the doll cease to feed: what will happen to Kiev without Obama

The Ukrainian economy, despite assurances from Kiev, continues to be in poor condition and contain the APU will be soon. About it in interview to “the Star” said the Director and producer of anti-war films Igor Lopatonok.


“Actually, they (the Ukrainian authorities) were some puppets from the previous administration (of the USA, Barack Obama). But people is already there. When leaving the puppeteer, the doll no longer pull the strings and feed”, – he said.


“Today, as far as I understand, six billion have to Ukraine from the IMF, otherwise it will not overstays budget. And all of the mythical talk about the growth of the Ukrainian economy – it is talking. Even according to the World Bank, the Ukrainian economy continues to be in its peak, just the peak is stabilized in the base area,” stated the Director.


According to the expert, these six billion if Kiev does not receive, there will be no continuation of hostilities in the Donbass, because it will have nothing to pay salaries in the armed forces. “This regime will not stand without external funding. They need money, and money considerable,” he concluded Lopatonok.


“Support Kiev frantically looking for not only the IMF but also in the United States. They are trying to reach out to the heavens, to the present situation so that the White house will be forced to intervene and somehow get involved in the resolution of this conflict on terms where the Ukrainian side to be reckoned with and need to hear. (Want) to force the White house and the state Department in its present composition to take into account the Ukrainian question in the setting in which it wants to see the Ukrainian rulers”, he concluded.

Photo: Serhii Nuzhnenko/ ZUMAPRESS.com/ Globallookpress