The White house has found someone “leaking” private information

The authenticity of the details of the telephone conversation between the leaders of Russia and the United States the White house refuses to comment on. But if it is “fake news,” says Donald trump, would be in Washington so eager to look for the source of the drain?


It should be noted that the circle of suspects is not so great. During a 45-minute conversation, which was on the closed communication channels, with trump were four of his entourage: Vice President Pence, chief of staff of the White house, Primas, and two counselors. Hardly anyone of them could be substituted.


“Mole” could theoretically be someone from technical staff – record conversations are a few of the reporters. But they, like, people checked. Do not forget about the CIA. Intelligence, like listening and all the NSA – were also able to eavesdrop.


“The CIA may also be such access: they also actively intercepts the electronic message, now this is widely known. Besides the CLA a lot of people who can stay there from the time of the previous government. They were not particularly pleased with the election trump. Maybe they want to see it fail,” said political commentator Joe Loria.


Even trump’s words could just lip-read – now this applies across the Board. Even the players during important matches, not to give secrets to rivals, cover their mouth with their hands.


Recall, a sensational leak of confidential information from the White house today issued the Agency Reuters. According to him, during the conversation, Putin put trump in a deadlock the question of the extension of the contract start-3. The American leader, though, do not understand, about what speech. And hesitated, asked for a pause for reflection. After talking with advisors, trump said Putin: “you Know, this is a bad deal for US.”

Photo: Louie Palu / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress