The state Duma wants to introduce a new tradition on the eve of professional holidays


RIA Novosti

The state Duma in February, may introduce a new tradition to implement the solemn admission of professionals in the pre-RF days, said RIA Novosti the head of the Duma Committee on rules Olga Savastianova, adding the programme will be carried out at the expense of the Duma budget.

Savastianova told that in the state Duma there is the intention to organize receptions, professional people in connection with festive for the country of dates, especially, she said, and in the Duma there are people, “the scale of the personality which represents the level of Russia”.

“The timing was determined was not, but it is clear that this issue need not tighten, so I think that in February the decision will be taken”, — said the Deputy.

“We need further study and implementation will be, of course, due to the opportunities that there are in the Duma,” added Savastyanova.