The Oryol regional court will assess the legality of the installation of the monument to Ivan the terrible

Former city Council member of the eagle Yury Malyutin has addressed in regional court with the request to check the legality of installation of a monument to Tsar Ivan the terrible. It is reported

“I filed an appeal against the decision of the court. The defendants, and the claims, the former is the mayor and head of an eagle and the city Council,” — said Malyutin.

In November of 2016, the Factory regional court of the eagle has come to the conclusion that the monument to Ivan the terrible was built without violations, while Malyutin in the lawsuit argued that the monument was installed illegally within the borders of the fortress “Citadel” is an archaeological monument of the city of Orel.

In the same month the TV channel “360” reported that the district court made a total of three lawsuits related to the installation of a monument to Ivan IV.

The first Russian monument to the king was opened on the waterfront in the eagle on October 14. The monument was originally planned to install in front of the Theatre for young spectators in the city centre, however, due to the dissatisfaction of the local residents suffered.