The administration of the trump endorses the accession of Montenegro to NATO – WSJ

The administration of us President Donald trump inclined to approve the accession of Montenegro to the Alliance, writes The Wall Street Journal , citing its own sources.


The interlocutor of the edition claims that allegedly personally heard at a meeting of the national security Council that the Bush administration leaning to the option of approval of the idea of accession of Montenegro to NATO. According to him, on this issue there are practically no contradictions, and, most likely, Congress will vote in favor of Montenegro in NATO.


Earlier, the American leader during a speech at an air force base, the United States said it strongly supports the Alliance, contrary to their previous statements. However, trump did not fail to remind that all the allies have to pay for their protection. In his opinion, many of the NATO members “not even close” to fulfil their obligations and to invest in the defence industry not less than 2% of GDP.

Photo: Natalie Pecht / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress