Recruiters have called the most unusual jobs

Recruiters have called the most unusual jobs

First place in the original rating, in the opinion of experts, takes the job, test the sofas.

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. Test sofas, a tester of insured events, guide to bars, assistant coach to work with marine mammals, office-Manager with functions of the model for the fitting, terrible and bold guard, a personal driver who is willing to follow the traffic rules only to the specific orders of the employer, such a rating is the most unusual job was the Russian recruiters.

Unusual jobs-the“pearls” rarely appear. In the first place you can safely put test of sofas, especially because a vacancy appeared on our website yesterday and still aktualnaya Kuznecovas Secretary recruitment Agency

As noted in the job description, the duties test of sofas includes daily use of the sofa in a sitting position/lying down/reclining for at least 10 hours a day according to the checklist, daily watching television on the couch and perform some creative tasks from the employer.

The employee must also complete a weekly report on test results and on request the employer to send pictures and video of the testing process.

The main requirement for the test bed — higher education and ownership of apartments, as well as perseverance, patience, stress tolerance, presence of one or two friends and a pleasant appearance. Experience is not required. Salary of 73 thousand roubles and a sofa as a gift.

Terrible guard

In second place in the list — the usual guard, however, the employer knows exactly what type he needs. “The appearance of a candidate should be: scary, rough, not kind and polite person! The more scars and burns, the better the chances. Character bold, tough, cold-blooded,” — said in the job description. The employer warns that CV without photo will not be considered.

Personal driver for the head, on the contrary, needs to look neat, use agreed with the employer perfume. Among the special request to the applicant: personal driver must tune the radio to the wave approved by the employer before leaving home, to always have available water (four bottles) and gum (five packs), approved by the employer, to always have agreed with the employer the amount cash on costs, as well as “to drive a car in accordance with traffic regulations to the specific orders of the employer.”

Some employers consider work as an office Manager, pretty boring and searching for “office-Manager with functions of the model for the fitting”, whose duties, in addition to the routine office work, take part in fittings in the development of the collections as a model.

Extreme workplace

On the website HeadHunter is still relevant vacancy tester insurance claims. Experience is not required, the salary, the employer promises from 150 to 250 thousand rubles. and free full insurance package. Lucky passed all stages of selection, have to travel a lot, to take risks and engage in extreme sports.

Finally, you can jump with a parachute, to organize the race on bikes in South East Asia, to break the rolling machine and swim with colmiphene jobs

All this will be paid by the employer. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll have to work on. “Your job involves communication with the insurance company in case of insured event”, — informs the employer.

Another non — trivial job- a guide to bars in Saint Petersburg is already closed and stored in the archives of the HeadHunter over the last year. According to descriptions, the guide needs during the evening and night to accompany foreign tourists hot spots of the city and photograph them. Among the skills are welcome, “read at least 22 books and 10 black and white movies, tattoos, walking on hands and reading of the Indian mantras.”

Novosibirsk in January the company was looking for through a HeadHunter assistant coach to work with marine mammals — dolphins, walruses, seals, sea lions, whose responsibilities include the care and feeding of these animals. However, from the street to the post will not: required experience — two years of age and definitely the ability to swim and dive. The employer promises the employee’s designated working place, the prospects for development and a high level of income.