On the streets of new York appeared hugging the dog

On the streets of new York appeared hugging the dog

In a big city sometimes it doesn’t come with arms. Golden Retriever named Louboutin, who lives in new York seems to understand this, so he tries to hug different people.

The owner Caesar gave my dog the nickname Louboutin (abbreviated Luby, in honor of the designer Christian Louboutin) and started for her own account in Instagram, where posts photographs embracing Luby.

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Caesar says that when she was a puppy, he taught her Desk sitting, lifting both paws. Most likely, this dog has a habit of clenching of the master of two feet and cling to him.

Photos published Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) Jan 6 2017 9:22 PST

Anyway, the habit to cuddle Louboutina useful to her. On a walk with Caesar, she literally catches passers-by to give them a “hug”. Passers-by, of course, do not refuse.

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