Iran decided to open its airspace to Russian VKS

Ali Shamkhani

Iran does not rule out the possibility that the Russian planes VC will be able to use the airspace of the Islamic Republic and the war with terrorists in Syria. On Saturday, February 11, said the Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani, the Agency Mehr.

“Iran and Russia cooperate on Syria more than once, the coordination is comprehensive, covering various aspects. Accordingly, Iran will allow its airspace to Russian military fighter jets if they will seek to strike targets of terrorists in Syria,” said Shamkhani.

However, he noted that the Iranian authorities may need time to solve this issue, need to obtain appropriate permissions from various agencies. He explained that usually in such cases focuses on two aspects: the alleged time span and the need to grant such permission to foreign military aircraft.

In August last year, the aircraft of Russian air force Tu-22M3 and su-34 appeared on 3rd tactical air base of the Iranian air force under the Emperors. 16 Aug aircraft launched the first strikes on militants in Syria on the rise, as stressed in the Russian defense Ministry, with a full combat load. Later in the same month, the stationing of Russian aircraft in the Iranian air base was discontinued. According to the source “Kommersant”, the reason of disagreements between Moscow and Tehran.