In the United States Congress introduced a “resolution of inquiry” in the ties trump with Russia


RIA Novosti

The American Congressman-Democrat Jerrold Nadler on Thursday introduced colleagues to the so-called resolution on the investigation on the subject of ties, U.S. President Donald trump with Russia, which the Republican majority will have to put to the vote.

According to Nadler, he made this maneuver due to the fact that his fellow Republicans refuse in the usual manner to consider the issues associated with existing Democrats suspicions against trump. “Republicans have shown zero willingness to do his duty on the oversight functions,” said the legislator.

“We should know that the Ministry (the Ministry of justice of the USA – approx. TASS) has found out about the relations of the current administration with the Russian government, he added. – We need to be aware of the legal analysis by the Ministry (if he was) about the feeble attempts of the President to deal with their various ethical problems. We need to exercise oversight over the least transparent administration in modern history. And this resolution is the beginning (of surveillance)”.

The order of consideration

As explained by the newspaper The Hill, specializing in coverage of the work of the legislative branch of the United States, under the current rules, “resolution of investigation” is sent to the relevant Committee, which must consider and make a decision within 14 working days. If he does not, the document is automatically submitted to a vote of the house of representatives of the whole.

In this case, refers to the legal Committee, as it oversees the activities of the justice Department. The Committee can either support the resolution, and thus again to submit it to the consideration of the lower house as a whole, or blackball her, taking a “negative” decision, but only through a formal vote.

Aggressive step

According to the edition, the demarche of the Nadler is “so far, the most aggressive step by Democrats on Capitol hill, whose ability to submit claims to the administration of the tramp limited”. By itself, the resolution of Nadler requires the US Department of justice to transmit to the House of representatives any relevant Agency documentation regarding criminal or counterintelligence investigations against the President or people close to him, and about other issues.

Among them, according to the publication, “investments of any foreign governments in any trump property, trump plans to transfer the daily management of the business of two adult sons, trump plans to sacrifice in favor of the US Treasury all of the profits from foreign governments of its hotels, as well as any other potential areas of conflict of interests in relation to the trump.”

The tool of the minority

The President of the United States asserts that it has no business and other ties with Russia. Moscow categorically rejects insinuations of American democracy about the fact that she tried to intervene on the side of trump in pre-election political processes in the United States.

The Hill, citing the congressional Research service recalls that “the resolution on the investigation” for the last time brought for consideration of the house of representatives in 1995. Overall, according to the publication, this instrument is usually a fraction of the minority “and, as far as we can judge, lead to the provision of information only approximately 30% of cases”.