In the Scenarios assessed the degree of threat from the placement of US missile defense systems in Romania

The concern of Moscow in connection with the placement on the territory of Romania of elements of antimissile defence (ABM) of the USA is justified. This opinion in an interview with “” stated a member of the international Committee of the Federation Council Sergei Tsekov.

“Any promotion of missile defense systems to the borders of Russia is a danger, regardless of where these boundaries — in Romania or the Baltic countries”, — said the Senator.

In his opinion, such actions should be regarded as hostile actions toward Moscow. “It sounds like a defense, and in fact we understand that it is offensive,” — said Tsekov, stressing that no reason to panic yet.

On 9 February, the Director of the fourth European Department of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Alexander Botan-Kharchenko said that Romania had become a threat to Russia after its territory was placed elements of U.S. missile defense system.

In may of 2016 in Romania was formally put into combat duty missile complex Aegis Ashore. A similar facility is planned to start in 2018 in Poland. Moscow believes these complexes are part of the US nuclear posture, not a defensive weapon.

In may last year, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that Russia will take parts of Romania “under the scope” because of the placing in this country of parts of a U.S. missile defense. Two months later he announced that the missile defense system in Europe can be modified even without the knowledge of the countries where it was placed.