In the Gulf of Thailand has found the missing “garbage island”

In the Gulf of Thailand has found the missing “garbage island”

BANGKOK, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. Clearing the “floating landfill”, consisting of one hundred tons of plastic debris in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of the Thai province of Prachuap Kirikhan will take at least 10 days, said on Saturday newspaper the Bangkok Post citing the Department of marine and coastal resources of Thailand.

“Garbage island,” as he called the accumulation of floating garbage the local media, was discovered early last week off the coast of Chumphon province and then moved to the North, to the province of Prachuap Kirikhan, which includes the seaside resorts of Hua hin and Cha Am.

On Friday, the squad equipped with cranes and nets courts for the time “lost” floating landfill referred by the tide further out to sea from the coast of Koh Talu, a popular with divers. Conducted by aircraft of the naval air forces intelligence help to establish the whereabouts of the “island”, and the second half of the day on Friday, work began on dredging debris from the water, the newspaper reports.

Big garbage patch (mostly #plastic) has been spotted in the Gulf of #Thailand

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Full purification of water from plastic waste will take at least ten days, told reporters on Saturday Deputy Director General Department of marine and coastal resources Sophon, Songde the steering operation.

‘Garbage island’ will take 10 days to clear#environment #pollution #[email protected]://

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He noted that with such a huge “floating landfill” Thailand has to face for the first time.

Plastic trash dangerous to marine life. Dolphins can swallow it confused with jellyfish and when plastic bags are drowning, they cover corals, corals fast pagebutton Conditiontotal Director General Department of marine and coastal resources

It is assumed that floating dump weighing up to 100 tons of debris was washed into the sea a strong destructive flooding that occurred in southern Thailand in the first half of January, the newspaper reminds.