In New Zealand about 200 pilot whales became stranded

In New Zealand about 200 pilot whales-pilot whales beached on the land in the district of Cape Farwell in the North of South island. On Saturday, February 11, reports Radio New Zealand.

Employee of the Department for the protection of natural resources Mike OHL confirmed this information. According to him, a flock of cetaceans could scare a shark. “The body of one of the animals was found the wounds from the bites of sharks are not very big, rather small but fresh,” he said.

On the banks are several hundred volunteers. In addition, about 100 volunteers organized a human chain to stop those individuals who are trying to get closer to land.

On the night of February 10, on the coast of Golden Bay, which is located 11 kilometers from Cape Farwell, jumped about 400 grind. As reported, most of them, up to 300 individuals, was already dead.

The head of the marine program of world wildlife Fund Konstantin Zgurovsky suggested that cetaceans might be stunned by the seismic or underwater acoustic systems naval ships. According to experts, there are also assumptions about the infection of animals with worms or poisoning discharged into the ocean pollutants, such as heavy metals. He noted that there are about a dozen hypotheses about the reasons of such behavior of dolphins.

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