Five Kuril Islands given names

First of five unnamed Islands in the Kuril chain were named, it is reported by TASS with reference to the document signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.


Naming the Islands was in accordance with the Federal law “On naming of geographical objects”. According to signed by the head of the government the document, the objects are assigned the names of Lieutenant-General Grechko A. R., diplomat Gromyko A. A., Governor Farkhutdinov I. P., Lieutenant-General Derevyanko K. N., and captain A. I. Shchetinina


Give the Islands the names of the proposed branch of the Russian geographical society in the Sakhalin region. As has informed Agency the representative of the organization Sergey Ponomarev, the work of naming will continue.

Photo: Sergey Krasnouhov / RIA Novosti