CNN learned about the confirmation part of the dirt on trump

Donald Trump

The US intelligence services got confirmation of the details contained in the dirt on the President of the United States Donald trump. On Friday, February 10, CNN reports, citing sources in the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

According to TV channel, the information “does not refer to the obscene charges”. We are talking about the intercepted intelligence “conversations between officials in Russia and ordinary citizens of the country.” The contents of the “dozens of interviews”, their members, and the dates were not disclosed. It is noted that these conversations allegedly confirming the fact of certain appointments mentioned in the report.

According to CNN, us intelligence was able to confirm that the Russians mentioned in the report, really communicate with each other, but failed to prove that they were discussing exactly trump, reports RIA Novosti. At the same time, according to sources, the Russian citizens allegedly “participated in gathering information that is harmful to Hillary Clinton (he was a candidate for President of the United States Democratic party — approx. “Of the”) and helps the Tramp”. According to them, American intelligence officers never came to the conclusion, does Russia have dirt on Republicans, according to the report.

White house spokesman Sean Spicer once again categorically denied the allegations against trump.

January 11, the website BuzzFeed published the report of a former employee of British intelligence, which stated that Russia has the trump incriminating information. In the document, in particular, it is noted that during a trip to Moscow in 2013, a businessman settled in the presidential Suite of the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” where were Barack and Michelle Obama, and met there with women of easy virtue. While the hotel itself was allegedly under the control of the FSB: the rooms had microphones and cameras.

10 Jan CNN reported that the data of the former British spy was the basis of the report on Russia’s intervention in the elections.

Trump has denied the allegations that Russia has used the levers of pressure on him, the author of the report called “the failure of the spy,” and promised to punish BuzzFeed for publishing material. In the Kremlin, reports of the presence of dirt on trump called nonsense, and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin compared the customers campaign to discredit the Republican prostitutes.