Cesspool of Ukrainian nationalism was bottomless

In the latest edition of “Hurt”, a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, the Explorer Nikolai Petrov talks about why the new, post-Maidan Ukraine completely lost the notions of honor and dignity.


Nikolai Petrov: on Friday, the Donetsk said goodbye to a brave man, a folk hero, a Colonel in the army of the Donetsk national Republic Mikhail Tolstoy, a soldier and the grandson of a soldier of the great war, from which he took his military call sign Givi. Mikhail Tolstoy died in the attack, and attempt not the first. To say goodbye to him came tens of thousands of people. Many cried. Because I have seen his death as a personal loss.


And in that same moment the line of demarcation, on the other side of the front, in Kiev, the Dnieper and Lviv, in the media and social networking of Ukraine had a joyful polyphonic howling. It was the time to get used to the fact that the new, post-Maidan Ukraine completely lost the notions of honor and dignity. All the time it seems that lower is impossible that there is finally reached the bottom. But Ukrainian journalists and persistently continue to knock at the bottom.


Cesspool of Ukrainian nationalism was bottomless, the limit of depravity is really nothing there no longer exists, and demonstrated that the Fifth channel of the Ukrainian television.


“Took place the official meeting of the militia leader Mikhail Tolstykh, Callsign Givi, militia leader Arsene Pavlov, call sign Motorola. The beginning was quite noisy in 6 hours and 12 minutes in the morning. The meeting was held in a rather warm atmosphere – office burned to the ground,” – said in the broadcast of this channel.


Such triumphant reaction to Ukraine was exactly a week ago, after the assassination attempt on the head of the Lugansk militia of Oleg Anashchenko, which was blown up on February 4 in his car. It would seem that after such a surge of terrorist activity, and obviously not in favor and not in the interests of Kiev, would have to follow at least some kind of reaction from the Western curators of the Kiev regime. But Paris, and Berlin, and the EU all together silent.


There was no condemnation – not even scolded. Well, in this case, silence gives consent. So why is Europe and primarily Germany silently support the nationalists of a terrorist state called Ukraine the head of Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko?


The program “Touched” on the TV channel “Zvezda” is a personal opinion and honest conversation about what really hurt the presenter and Explorer Nikolai Petrov.

Photo: Valeriy Melnikov/ RIA Novosti