Anatoly Kucherena called the speculation a message about the possible extradition of Edward Snowden

Anatoly Kucherena called the speculation a message about the possible extradition of Edward Snowden

Lawyer Anatoly Kucherena representing interests of the former employee of the national security Agency (NSA), USA Edward Snowden, called the speculation media reports that Moscow is considering the results of the American Washington.

“Russia has no legitimate legal grounds for extradition of Snowden. All this talk — the usual speculation. Someone wishful thinking”, — quotes its words “Interfax”.

According to the lawyer, Mr Snowden is living in Russia legally, without breaking any rules or laws.

Whoever practiced these speculations, I can say only one thing: Russia has no reason to transfer him to the US. Russia does not trade people and human rights, although American intelligence agencies are constantly trying to pull us in different provocationally Cucereavii representing the interests of Edward Snowden

Mr. Kucherena said the permit allows Edward Snowden to enjoy all the rights and obligations that have the citizens of Russia.

Informed NBC, citing intelligence sources said that U.S. intelligence had received information that Russian special services allegedly considering the idea of extraditing former CIA employee. Such actions are committed as a “gift” to us President Donald Trump, told the broadcaster.

Mr. Snowden commented on the information about the possibility of his extradition. In his opinion, it would have proved that he never was connected with the intelligence services of Russia. “Finally, irrefutable proof that I have never worked for Russian intelligence. No country will give their spies because others will think they’re next,” wrote Mr Snowden on Twitter.

In March 2016 Donald trump during election campaign said that the former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden is a spy and must return to the United States. “If Russia respects us as a country she must return it,” he said.

Recall that in 2013, a former employee of the NSA and the CIA Edward Snowden handed to journalists thousands of classified documents exposing the activities of American intelligence agencies, received asylum in Russia.