A fisherman from Florida caught an unknown science monster

Fisherman from Florida Steve Bargeron caught unknown to the science of water monster. Hoping to get another fish, the man saw the hook of strange creature with a length of about half a meter. This writes Аnews.


According to the newspaper, Steve showed his catch of specialists on the protection of wildlife. Scientists, putting a number of experiments have been unable to determine its type. However, some experts believe that the inhabitant of sea depths – a kind of cancer-mantis. Although usually individuals of this species do not grow more than 30 centimeters, and the creature caught on the hook Bergeron – almost twice as much.


Mantis shrimp – the largest invertebrate predators. Their main weapons – strong claws which can even break the glass in the aquarium. Science knows about 4 thousand mantis shrimp and, as a rule, differ from each other, they only color.

Photo: Steve Bargeron