150-year-old wedding dress lost at the dry cleaners in Scotland

150-year-old wedding dress lost at the dry cleaners in Scotland

A resident of Scotland have lost their 150-year-old wedding dress of their great-great-grandmother, after the dry cleaning, where he was sent, went bankrupt.

29-year-old Tess Newell was married in June, in September, sent dress to the cleaners, and in October, dry cleaning closed.

“When I got engaged, my grandmother said to me: I have a dress that belongs to the family since 1870, it is in the attic, I want you wearing it,” says the woman.

“I’ve always loved old things, and for me it was a great honor to wear it on the wedding day. It was amazing, when I opened the box, it was wrapped in tissue paper. It is slightly yellow, and I gave it to the cleaners,” says Newell.

She asked the father to refer again to dress dry cleaned in September after the wedding.

“He said it will take eight to 10 weeks, and my mom thought it was too much, but we agreed,” says the woman.

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“He called and checked whether it was willing, and they said no, and eventually he went to the dry cleaners two days ago, and to my horror saw a sign that said that it went bankrupt,” said the Scot.

“When mom called and told me, we cried a lot of time. For our family it is so sad and we hope someone knows where it is, and you can return it to us,” she added.

She also went to the address where he was registered owner of the dry cleaning, but it turned out that the house was also seized.

Now the victim family is going to contact the police.