Volodin called the law of beatings in the family “bug fix”

Volodin called the law of beatings in the family “bug fix”

Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — speaker of the lower house of the Russian Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin said in a Friday interview with “Kommersant” that the assault and battery associated with domestic violence before was the penalty more harsh than necessary.

“For the sake of objectivity you just have to admit it: before a mistake was made. And accordingly, the beatings relating to damage to health, but not entailing a disorder… abrasions, bruises… They were related to the punishment much stricter. (…) Error corrected”, — he said.

Referring to the “law of Spring”, Volodin added that it “should look, based on law practice.”

“We need time to we looked at how the norm is implemented, what problems arise, and then the subjects of legislative initiatives, be it the government or the deputies can initiate the changes,” — said Volodin.

February 7, Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law on the transfer of domestic assault, committed for the first time, from criminal offences to administrative offences. Assault and battery against family members and other close persons will be established administrative responsibility, with repeated beatings liability will ensue under the criminal law. Previously, the beatings outside the family, perfect for the first time, qualified as an administrative offence, and in the family as a criminal offence.

The package of anti-terrorist amendments authored by Irina Spring and Viktor Ozerov envisages criminal liability for public justification of terrorism, calls for the violent overthrow of the government and the failure to inform about crimes of a terrorist orientation. He also ordered the operators and Internet companies to store text messages, voice information, images, sounds, video, and other electronic messages of users in a period of six months.