The kid in the Playground suffocated under snowdrifts in Ufa

Eleven-year-old student suffocated under the snow on one of the playgrounds Ufa. While playing, the boy was digging tunnels in the huge snow drift, and at some point snow course collapsed. To save the child failed. The correspondent of “Stars” Anatoly Makarov has learned the details of the tragic story.


A boy named Dinar were at the Playground, which has always been a favorite place for games of local children, told his mother Rosie Ahunova.


“There children always play. I can understand if they started today to play there, but they always play there”, – said the mother of Dinara.


Six-foot snowdrift, which suffocated the boy, he sketched the driver of the excavator-thrower. Clearing the courtyard and entrance, the man left the snow around the Playground. Eleven-year-old boy found the other kids.


“We were walking home from school, went on the ice slide ride, then went to the mountain. The boy went down, saw it, showed us. Under this he lay there, under the snow, his head was visible. There’s a tractor was working, I told the tractor, he called MOE,” shared witness to the incident dinislam Nimalan.


The local housing office to questions from the intelligible answer could not give. Also, the utility did not give a confirmation or refutation of the information that had prepared the snow the snow thrower was an employee of the local utility. At the moment investigators find out who was responsible for the death of a child.