The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg has seized 180 thousand rubles for the fallen on the car the snow

Sverdlovsk regional court ruled to compensate the resident of Ekaterinburg 186 thousand rubles for the damage to her Honda Accord, formed by snow falling from the roof of the factory building. On Thursday, February 9, reported on the website of the court.

The incident occurred in March 2016. A lump of snow with ice fell on the car from the height of a two storey building, breaking his rear window and leaving dents on the roof.

The defendant, “Zavod Promavtomatika”, from which was recovered the money, disagreed with the court’s decision and filed an appeal. It indicated that the driver showed gross negligence and negligence allegedly near the place where the car was parked hanging a warning about a possible avalanche. The court refused to satisfy the complaint of the defendant.

In 2012, the parents of the citizen of Estonia Milan Chestnut sued the utilities in Petersburg three million rubles. 21-year-old girl fell on the head of the block of ice as she walked past the house, the roof of which was cleared of snow and ice.