The court banned the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to appoint the son to the post in the city administration

The court banned the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to appoint the son to the post in the city administration

RIO DE JANEIRO, 9 Feb. /Offset. TASS Darya Yuryeva/. The judge of the Federal Supreme court (FVS) Brazil Stamp Antonio Mello declared illegal the decision of the mayor of Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Crivelli, who had previously appointed his son to a key post in the city administration.

According to the published verdict, the mayor was guided by the principle of “nepotism” that contradicts the current legislation on civil service.

The judge’s ruling may be appealed to the Plenum of FVS. The appointment of Marcelo Crivelli Jr. to head the office of the mayor of Rio de Janeiro has drawn sharp criticism from the opposition and public organizations. They accused the mayor of failing to involve professionals.

The mayor reacted strongly to these statements. “You have to understand that nobody knows my son better than I do. And destination (in the administration — approx. TASS) produce is I”, — the official has commented on the criticism.

A former Evangelical Church pastor Marcelo Crivella, representing the conservative Brazilian Republican party, was elected mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the second round of municipal elections, having received 59,16% of the vote. He took office on January 1 of this year. Crivella left religious activities for politics in 2002 after returning from a missionary trip to Africa, he announced his candidacy for mayor, as a Senator in the upper house of the national Parliament.

The mayor may at any time to return to pastoral work: since Crivello received a special blessing of the leadership of his Church to participate in the political struggle, it is believed that he temporarily left the Ministry.

Trivella for two years held the post of Minister of fishing and agriculture in the administration of the former President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. Despite this fact, at the end of August last year, he supported the impeachment of the President. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro also known as a performer of religious songs he has released 14 solo albums sold a total circulation of 5 million copies. During the election campaign Crivella called his priorities of improving education and healthcare, fight crime and solve transport problems of the city.