The COP took off his own death during a shootout: video

Shootout with a dangerous criminal in the U.S. city of Alamogordo has become fatal as offender, and one of the police officers, reported CBS News. Footage of the shooting was captured on wearable camera police officer, received a mortal wound.


In the video, police recognise the dangerous recidivist Joseph Moreno, nicknamed the Devil and orders him to stand. However, the culprit tries to escape, and later pulls a gun and starts shooting. COP opens fire, he manages to injure the offender, but he fired several times in response and causes the law enforcement officer mortally wounded.


In the end the other COP finishes off the wounded offender. A wounded policeman, doctors could not be saved. The article reports that the results of the investigation of actions of law enforcement were recognized as legitimate and justified.

Video: PoliceActivity / YouTube